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Investment Assistant

Intuition Capital Limited Hong Kong
Mise en ligne il y a 2 jours CDI 35k - 55k
Mise en ligne par
Sammi Fu

Job Responsibilities

1. Excavate overseas funds, participate in the docking, due diligence, research, investment, post-investment management and other work of overseas managers, and submit various due diligence or management reports and reports;

2. Conduct research on overseas markets and strategies, assist in the formulation of investment strategies, and assist in the construction and continuous optimization of investment portfolios;

3. Assist in the formulation and continuous optimization of investment portfolio management standards and principles;

4. Other work arranged by the company.


1. Finance, economics or combined education background, master degree or above, overseas study experience;

2. More than 3 years of FOF portfolio or related management experience, those with research work experience are preferred, and the resume background of standardized financial institutions such as private banks or self-owned funds is preferred;

3. Excellent business outreach ability, good conduct, hardworking and enterprising;

4. Proficient in English, barrier-free financial business communication, accept business trips.

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